Stay real: You don’t have to buy into AI “writing” hype

The hype about generative AI and its various and pseudo-AI imitators seems to reach new heights of ridiculous every day.

Take a deep, deep breath.

Predictions that every business will be using it in a few months or years are hyperbole or wishful thinking by some who want that future. If the promoters and enthusiasts try to tell you that you need to adopt it fast or be a loser, they are wrong.

It’s good to be aware of the potential risks and rewards of using AI technology, but most of us would do well to ask this question before we jump in:

“What’s my risk if I don’t rush into this?”

Particularly for small businesses, the likely answer is “nothing.”

If that’s where you are, you have little to gain by investing time, energy and money to churn out AI-generated web content of questionable accuracy, quality or value. There’s already too much of that.

Some of the content advances false narratives. Nearly all of the content features bland language and repetitive phrases, hallmarks of artificial intelligence.

“Rise of the Newsbots,” NewsGuard

Don’t underestimate what it could take to mitigate the risk of using AI technology responsibly. The actually intelligent thing to do right now is trust your fellow humans to write for other humans.

Be real.