Me and My #Socks

When people hear you’re getting close to retiring, they like to ask you what you plan to do.

We’re supposed to have a plan?

I’ve been asked so many times that I started talking about my longtime dream of being a sock influencer, which is something I came up with a few months ago when I started telling family and friends I was finally ready to retire. Coincidentally, I had just gotten some fabulous cycling socks.

Them: “What are you going to do?”

Me: “I’m going to be a sock influencer. Look at these things!”

My socks, labeled “R” (on the left) and “L” (on the right).

What makes my socks fabulous?

They fit like gloves, which of course for most of us means one goes on your right hand (the glove, I mean, not the sock) and the other one goes on your left, right?

My feetures® cycling socks are even marked L and R, which is great if I remember to read them before putting one of them on. (Get one on the wrong foot and you know instantly.)

Who knew socks could really fit your feet?

When I started researching what it takes to be a sock influencer – just out of curiosity, of course – I learned it’s actually a thing. There are “sock-fluencers” out there, for crying out loud.

Maybe that sock has sailed. Maybe I missed the bootee.

Most socks suck anyway, so maybe it’s time for Plan B.

Pedal on, my friends.