AI can’t write

The dirty lowdown* is that no app, AI or otherwise, can actually write anything.

Cartoon robot working frantically at a computer.
Image by Richard Duijnstee from Pixabay

Despite the proliferation of things called “writing” tools, the truth is they can, at best, mimic actual writing by humans, plagiarize text written by humans, and even distort the work of humans then spit it out for consumption by the public regardless of its truth or accuracy.

That is not writing. Asking an app to write something is asking it to do the impossible. It may try, but it will fail every time.

It might deliver some text you can use in some fashion, but clearly we need a better term for asking a machine to find and arrange words for us. It sure as hell isn’t writing.

Any suggestions?

Write on, my friends.


* Dirty Lowdown

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