End the tyranny of fear

Imagine living in constant fear of your children being shot to death at school or anywhere else.

Colorado U.S. House representatives Boebert and Buck.
Among those complicit in deaths by gunfire, Colorado reps Boebert and Buck.

Imagine having to wonder every day if other loved ones will be shot to death, or that you will be killed by someone with a gun.

We should not have such worries in times of peace, but we are not at peace in these United States.

We are at war.

On one side of the war are those of us, in the majority by far, who are sickened by the constant violence surrounding us.

On the other side are those who deny our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by subscribing to a perverted view of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Such people have no respect for the rest of us or the lives of our children and grandchildren. Those who insist that they must have access to assault weapons in particular have poisoned our society. Some revel in delusions of armed resistance to the rule of law.

Elected officials who refuse to stop the madness are complicit in every death by gunfire.

Elected officials who refuse to stop the madness – or who compound it by stripping away laws that prohibit open carry or regulations that require permits and gun safety practices – are complicit in every death by gunfire. So is every person who votes for them or funds their campaigns.

By our actions and our failure to act, we have so far surrendered to the tyranny of fear.

It’s past time to change. Demand action now to end the tyranny.