Criminal writing prompt

Feb. 27 update: As if by magic, I got my wish today and turned off the prompts.

Have you ever broken the law and didn’t get caught, if so how?


Since accepting the Jetpack plug-in to manage this WordPress site a few weeks ago, I’ve been hoping to find a way to get rid of the annoying writing prompts that show up whenever I log in.

I skip them every time, so you would think Jetpack would get the message, right? Nope.

I didn’t see a single prompt that looked interesting at all until one about breaking the law came along. I had to laugh, and not just about its sloppy, run-on construction.

The only prompts I’ve paid any attention to before were required by writing contest rules. Now I’m looking forward to hearing about dozens of writers getting busted after confessing to crimes and explaining in detail how they avoided getting caught.

I guess you could say the prompt prompted me to write something. Last time I looked, almost 300 others were promptly prompted, too.

I’ll confess only to being curious about what they all did.