Write it yourself

Shortly after I told my teacher son that I’m concerned about people using AI and pretending to create original content, I found a site that epitomizes the phenomenon.

I won’t link to it, for reasons I hope are obvious, but it uses almost the exact wording I’d spoken just minutes before, admitting that its service is just the thing *for people who have no ideas* but want to blog about something.

It will also “paraphrase” any sentence you want it to rewrite, presumably to make your plagiarism harder to detect.

If an idea does come around, write about it yourself, in your own human, original way. Using the work of others to create something to call your own isn’t writing.


One thought on “Write it yourself

  1. I’ve been following this development with keen interest, since I write for a living, and AI can very well take over my job.

    But I’ve learned that these programmes can’t do one thing, and that’s write with a consistent voice. This is where authentic writers can separate themselves from the upcoming onslaught of computer-generated content.

    No use resisting, I feel. Much like the calculator controversy, I think it’s best to find a way to exist with AI, because the world will move on regardless.

    Anyway, thanks for this post!


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