Dogs and writing

A few days ago I ran across the following sentence and felt compelled to respond: “Writing is something you do, not something you are.”

It was among a good number of well-written sentences that added up to some good advice, but it stood out, and not just because it’s a bit awkward. It came to mind again when the first thing I saw on my phone this morning was that someone liked something I wrote back in February.

Who doesn’t enjoy a like? I went back in time to February to read that post and see what was likeable about it. Turns out it was about my dog, and the conversations we have, and why I write stuff.

This is what happens when you are a writer, despite some who say writing is something you do, but not something you can be. She was wrong about that part.

Dog pictures always seem to get likes, so now you see Red Dog Smith.

Red Dog facing the camera, with text overlaid  in red type saying “I have questions.”

Maybe you’ll enjoy reading about him. I just happen to have a link. 👇👇👇