Nobody “falls off” a bicycle

Enough of this nonsense about Joe Biden falling off a bicycle.

Nobody falls off a bicycle unless said bicycle was stationary and remained upright after the person who was on top of it somehow ended up on the ground or pavement or garage floor or wherever the bicycle remains stationary.

If a bicycle is moving and rider and bicycle suddenly both end up on the ground or pavement … or whatever, the cyclist has crashed.

As an experienced bicycle operator who has crashed a number of times – and in the process broken multiple ribs and one pelvis, incurred at least one minor concussion, and experienced countless bloodied knees and elbows – I can testify that in none of those mishaps did my bicycle remain upright.

I have never fallen off of my bike, even when I was new to those so-called “clipless” pedals and slowed down and forgot – as everyone does, sooner or later – to unclip.

I crashed. Joe Biden crashed. I watched the video and his bicycle clearly ended up on the pavement with him.

If you’ve never crashed while riding your bicycle, you need to get out more. If you’ve fallen off a stationary bike, I don’t know what to say.

Pedal on, my friends. Pedal on.


P.S. Yes, as a professional writer and editor, I think words are important. Editors get paid for being those people who distinguish between falling and crashing. Being a pain in the ass is one of the benefits.

One thought on “Nobody “falls off” a bicycle

  1. I have fallen over when I tried to get off my bike. I had stopped to make a photograph. I swung my leg up and over. Not quite over. And down I went. I’m a bit younger than Joe Biden. And it was a mountain bike with no clip-ons or straps. You can “fall off”. (Its easier to do when you are tired.)

    I was tired, after trying to keep up with an octogenarian friend, who is a bit of a bike psycho maybe. My digital speedo indicated 20+ kph (on gravel) a few times and I was not as fit as he was. Right after my fall, several attractive young ladies appeared, looking concerned. I denied that I was hurt. I was a little winded, though I wouldn’t admit that either.

    I got my photograph.


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