Explaining a horse to Red Dog

Red Dog asked me about horses not long ago. Maybe you read about that. Here’s how I answered him.

“A horse is a large, four-legged creature,” I said. “Sometimes they’re very large, way bigger than you.”

“Bigger than you?” Red asked.

“Most of them, sure. You’ve seen a lot of them. Remember we’d walk down that road to the ponds and you’d bark at them? Chased them once?”

He nodded. “So those were horses.”

“Yeah, I told you that back then.”

“Right. Now I remember. Piles of horse shit everywhere.”

“Good boy, Red,” I said, giving him a little pat on the head. “And that’s why…”

“You never let a horse in the house! They’ll crap anywhere.”

“Good memory, Red! You can’t housebreak a horse.”

Red’s a good boy. And the horse crap is still on the river trail.