Do you care what 14 Trump voters think?

My first thought when I saw the headline just below was to ask why the New York Times and other media keep probing Trumpist brains as if they hide some great secret we must expose. You might call that intellectual curiosity, something the voters quoted in the article hide well if they have any at all.

What 14 Trump Voters Think About George Floyd’s Legacy

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Time and time again, what these articles and opinion pieces reveal is a disturbing lack of empathy in the hearts and souls of the voters and poor judgment by the writers and editors who give voice to their shallow views of the world.

The voters’ responses show a distinctive selfishness and a clear inability to empathize or think very deeply about how others experience the world. They spout the usual right-wing talking points and blame the media and even social media for division and discord while forgetting that people much like them spread hate and lies through media and social media alike.

I’d like to see someone ask Trump voters – if they feel the need to ask those voters anything ever again – if they know what empathy is and why it is a good thing. If they don’t know, show them a definition.

Carry on.