We could have done without “The Irishman”

Let me save you 209 minutes if you haven’t already seen “The Irishman.”

Don’t bother.

Despite the hype and reviews and award nominations and Scorsese and De Niro and Pacino – and all you might anticipate in terms of film-making and stellar acting when you hear those names – what the guys deliver is a real snoozer.

Lest I spend too much more time on this (3+ hours and counting already), a quick summary: All that talent was wasted on a dreary, depressing story of corruption and serial cold-blooded murder by a bunch of thugs who can’t scrape up a single conscience among the lot of them. They’re all dead now and good riddance.

After 90 minutes of trying to figure out why I should give a shit about any of them, I toughed it out through the other 119 and ultimately learned that I should not have bothered.

Don’t waste your time.

You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “We could have done without “The Irishman”

  1. Confirmation bias bc I had zero interest in seeing it before reading your thoughts.

    I liked the very funny Home for Christmas Netflix Norwegian comedy.


  2. I’ve been debating on seeing this, although I had my doubts. I’m a big Pacino fan and all but if even he can’t save it, then there’s no point. Thanks for the warning!


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