Black coffee, good breakfast, sexy writing

Most every good Sunday morning starts with coffee (black, no cream or sugar, because I actually like drinking coffee) and the Perspective section of the Denver Post.

This special one started with a belated Valentine’s Day breakfast in the company of Mrs. Smith at Lucile’s Creole Cafe. The first day of daylight saving time meant enough people overslept that we got our table immediately and my chicory coffee (black, naturally) shortly thereafter.

The gloom of politics settled in after breakfast, when I came across the dire Talking Points Memo prediction that someone will die in Trump-inspired violence (an eerie echo of my own words earlier in the morning).

Then, thankfully, along came Kathleen Parker and her op-ed column, headlined Farewell, prince of tides. In her remembrance of the late Pat Conroy, whom she once declared “the sexiest man alive” (hotter than even circa-1991 Nick Nolte, who played the protagonist in “The Prince of Tides”), Parker and her own wonderful way with words made my day.

Imagine, writers among the sexiest.

Now I have to go write what I’m supposed to be writing.

P.S. The Post has an annoying habit of encouraging readers to go online to read longer versions of opinion columns. Today was a first for me; Parker was engaging enough that I went to see if there was more. There was.


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