Progress on escape from literary obscurity

After posting recently about marketing an indie book and writing in the literary obscurity of my basement office in Longmont, I took a look around at some of the reader comments that have started coming in for my Des Moines crime novel, Blood Solutions.

They’re encouraging even if relatively few in number at this point:

Here are a couple posted by people who bought Blood Solutions on Smashwords…

English: Flag of Des Moines
English: Flag of Des Moines
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  • Review by: chand305 on April 09, 2015 :
    This thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow Red Shaw on his quest to solve some grisly murders. Smith creates characters with depth whose interlinked lives are all affected by and implicated in the killings that take place in their city. The story pulls you in with its well-written and connected narrative threads and won’t let you go until the mysteries have been solved. Enjoy!
  • Review by: ianvanliew on April 08, 2015 :
    Red Shaw has a problem. A Des Moines-sized problem that’s a microcosm of all those unsolved murders out there, scattered around the UK and the US and Canada and points unknown. I’m a new fan of Red Shaw and I desperately want him to solve this particular problem before any more innocent parties are murdered. Will he or won’t he? Read “Blood Solutions” and find out!

And a couple more from Barnes&Noble readers…

  • Great book. i was hooked from the first chapter.  Great characters some you love some you just feel sorry for.
    I hope B.J. Smith writes a few more books about  Detective Edward Shaw .
    I look forward to his next book.
  • Great detective novel. Very good read. Can’t wait for the next one.

There are some nice, star-filled reviews on Goodreads, too, which are nice to see.

Good time to buy: It’s half-off at Smashwords for the next three days with coupon code LY86Z, and just $2.99 through Sunday for Kindle readers on Amazon.