Crime novel opens with murder in Des Moines

About my new crime novel, almost ready for prime time…

Detective Sgt. Edward “Red” Shaw had seen a lot of nasty business in his three decades with Des Moines PD, but the grisly slashing of an old man who was just trying to find his cat one night was among the nastiest.

"Blood Solutions" frontShaw knew right away that something was different, that the case would be like nothing he’d worked before.

It didn’t help that his longtime partner was laid up with a bum leg, that Sally wasn’t around, that he’d gotten drunk a few hours before getting called to the crime scene, and that he showed up with a bad case of the queasies. Hung over was no way to start a hunt.

Shaw disliked the young assistant county attorney who caught the case, and he didn’t know about Randy Frye or the Talarico woman. He could’t imagine where the gruesome evidence would lead him.

And then there was Tina…

 Agents and publishers

Please contact me if you would like to see sample chapters or the complete manuscript. Thank you.

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