Writer fired for column on gun regulation

Will Cruz, Jindal, Palin and other “Duck Dynasty” fans who stood up for Phil Robertson when they thought his right to free speech had been violated now stand up for Dick Metcalf?

It says here that he was fired from Guns and Ammo for angering some people.

Guess who he angered.

For the record, if there is one, nobody’s First Amendment rights were violated in either case. Ignorance of that shouldn’t stop Peterson’s defenders from opining now, though, should it?

Let’s see them vent their outrage again.

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3 thoughts on “Writer fired for column on gun regulation

  1. Perhaps you’re right about the media, Frank, but even though there has been some media coverage there’s been no sign that I can find that Cruz, Jindal, Palin et al. give a rat’s ass about “free speech” in this case. I have trouble believing those folks who came to Robertson’s defense are doing anything but cheering Metcalf’s firing.

    Of course, there is some regulation of guns, as he pointed out in his column. I don’t think anyone said they aren’t regulated but maybe I just missed that.

    Thanks for commenting.


  2. It appears he angered his employer and their customers. Perhaps if he had angered many in the media, as Robertson did, he would have caused enough publicity to get a more vigorous defense.

    At the same time, it appears to me that there is some regulation of guns (you can’t own a machine gun, lots of felons are not allowed to own guns).


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