Boulder candidate on preferred modes of transportation

Boulder City Council candidate Mary Young has a great attitude:

“I hate to call walking and biking and riding the bus alternative modes because to me, they’re my preferred mode, and the car is the alternative mode,” she said. “When more people start seeing the car as the alternative mode, we’ll be getting somewhere.”

Pedal on.

One thought on “Boulder candidate on preferred modes of transportation

  1. I agree. We should be doing whatever we can to encourage people in our area to bike for transportation, not just for exercise. I recently heard that in the Netherlands, over 30% of the population commute to work via bicycle. I would love to see more of that here. Longmont brags a lot about how many miles of bike routes they have – thing is though, very few people use them for transportation. I am proud to be one of the few. However, I do tend to get comments from people who assume that there must be something wrong with my car, and that’s the only reason I bike to work/meetings. We need a change of culture, and hindering cyclists from certain roads is not a step in the right direction.


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