Did ‘Breaking Bad’ exploit wonton violence?

Prepared wontons, ready for cooking, for sale ...
Prepared wontons, ready for cooking, for sale in a rural market in Hainan, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much like Lily Rothman, who wrote a recent Time article of dubious value headlined “Why I don’t watch Breaking Bad,” I never saw more than a few minutes of Breaking Bad. That may be why I read the article, to see if this person also had grown tired of television violence.The real reason for writing the article appears to have been attracting readers*. It seems to have done that.

What I enjoyed most about it was hidden way down among the online comments, where I rarely venture any more because I’ve grown tired of anonymous trolls, bless their spelling-impaired little black hearts:

It requires watching this particular show all the way through to know that targeting it for criticism of wonton violence is a mistake.

I wish I had known the show was about wontons. I love wontons, especially when they’re deep-fried.

* I’ll let you know in a few days if mentioning Breaking Bad in a post attracts more readership.

One thought on “Did ‘Breaking Bad’ exploit wonton violence?

  1. I am here for the Breaking Bad mention. You got me.

    Spelling matters people! Too bad – that person could have had a good point. *Sigh* If only they’d bothered to spell check…


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