What type of bicycle rider are you?

Some researchers in Montreal have come up with an interesting way to look at people who ride bicycles. Classifying them by motivation and how they use their bicycles, they sorted riders rather precisely by these categories, according to a Forbes article:

  • Path-using cyclists (36 percent)
  • Dedicated cyclists (24 percent)
  • Fairweather utilitarians (23 percent)
  • Leisure cyclists (17 percent)

As an increasingly dedicated cyclist who uses paths, often to get to roads, I prefer fair weather to foul, and I’ve been known to ride at a fairly leisurely pace.

Where do you fit in?

One thought on “What type of bicycle rider are you?

  1. I’m a dedicated cyclist who commutes by bike, but I use paths as often as possible to get away from the road. I prefer fair weather, but will ride in the rain … not sure about the snow. I also ride for fun and take a lot of leisure rides.

    So, um? I dunno! Unless “dedicated” cyclists are an ‘all of the above’ category?

    Interesting post!


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