“Unholy” bicycling alliance a tyrannical cult?

My son forwarded me this article today all the way from Chicago, where a few years back we joined thousands of other cyclists in the wee hours of the morning to pedal 25 miles or so on the streets of that windy city.

Little did we know at the time that we might come to be considered members of an “unholy alliance” who “begrime” neighborhoods with our mere presence.

If it weren’t for personal experience with that vicious segment of the motoring public who truly do seem to hate us and wish us dead, I would find the The John and Ken Show exchange in the article just overblown satire. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who actually think like that.

The tyrants are the ones who don’t want to share the road with us.

By the way, I happily begrimed the roads from Longmont to work in Boulder and back home again today, stopping at stop signs and everything.

Pedal on.