Do bicycle helmets make sense?

New bicycle helmets
New bicycle helmets (Photo credit: prayingmother)

After reading this Bicycling article about helmets – Senseless – some things actually make more sense.

A couple of examples:

Most helmets don’t protect cyclists from concussions. Why? Because they are not designed to do that.

Helmet manufacturers are very slow to improve anything other than how cool their products look or feel. Why? They have very little incentive to do more.

As it turns out, the article says, better technology is out there.

Go read it.


2 thoughts on “Do bicycle helmets make sense?

  1. Really interesting article – something to think about. Here in Dallas, there is another controversy brewing. The city has a bicycle helmet law and that is stopping the adoption of bicycle rental kiosks / bike sharing programs. It’s a real conundrum.

    Thanks for sharing.


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