Hooked on violence and fear, we need help (reprise)

First published about three months ago elsewhere

I reposted this here after being reminded by recent events in Congress that the government alone can’t remedy the situation, even if it wanted to.

We are addicted and we’re in denial, this society of ours.

We are hooked on violence and fear.

Some scientists say it’s contagious.

We play killing games on computers and consume explosive, bloody entertainment with our popcorn. We love a “good, clean hit” on the football field and vicious checks and fist fights on the ice.

Doom s level of graphic violence made the game...
Doom’s level of graphic violence made the game highly controversial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are horrified yet fascinated by slaughter, and we amass personal arsenals in the vain belief – the paranoia-driven delusion – that more weapons and more ammunition make us safer.

Once we accept the truth of our addiction, we can begin to recover.

We can decide that our dollars are better spent on less destructive pursuits. We can look inside ourselves and find the courage to say things like this:

“One gun in the house is plenty.”

“I don’t need another AR-15.”

“No, we’re not going to buy you that particular video game.”

“A couple of 10-round magazines is more than enough.”

“Watching people shot to death on a movie screen isn’t entertaining any more.”

“I don’t want to live like this even one more day. You’re getting some help.”

When there is less demand for violence and fear, when that market for death dries up, that’s when we will be safer.

Look inside.