Holy Road Trip

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Iowa 80 truck stop, Iowa, USA.
Iowa 80 truck stop, Iowa, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apostles in the back seats
wonder where the road to glory leads when the gas runs dry.

Tell the driver stop at the
lake and turn water into fuel
for this big V-8 and
catch some fish
for dinner by the way.

Enough for eleven or twelve,
we may have lost one.

That’s what He would do
if He were here and now.

Put the beer back in the cooler, men,
and cork back up the wine
and hang on to your seats for
we go now to another time
when all roads lead to Detroit
and there is no speed limit.

Would that be heaven?

Judas talks to the trooper
back at the truck stop.
They just drove off without me, he says,
crying, but I know where they’re going.

I’ll point him out to you
when we get there. He’s
the one behind the wheel.

Published April 2003, Coffee Press Journal

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