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Corned beef Reuben sandwich
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You’ve heard of Lorem Ipsum, right?

Now you can try bacon ipsum when you need a little something to fill up space, like this:

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Ribeye headcheese ut, qui ea chuck aute culpa. Chuck t-bone ea ullamco pork, cow ex sed. In shoulder reprehenderit, flank sint pig ea id turkey veniam. Exercitation veniam tri-tip, reprehenderit shoulder nisi deserunt culpa turkey occaecat drumstick mollit laborum. Short loin spare ribs cupidatat ex, sausage beef bacon occaecat corned beef ham hock salami tail dolor. Ut chicken tongue eiusmod. Duis voluptate eiusmod, chuck occaecat andouille tri-tip pork chop.

Thanks to Brad Shannon for bringing it to our attention!

Reminds us of some news writing we’ve seen lately.

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